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Questions for civil engineering interview


Hello civineers(civil engineers), First of all, I would like to welcome all of you in “Premam World”. Here, We are going to talking about questions asked in the interview by the companies.All civil engineers can not go only in the government sectors.Many civil engineers are hired by the private or semi government companies.And they check the knowledge of the candidates by asking these types of questions.

.Some usual question:-

1.Tell more about yourself(your introduction).Do not elaborate yourself.Just give a short introduction.Keep this answer in question really short.Because, you have already mentioned your introduction in your resume, some interviewers already know it. Talk about things that are passionate about you like your skills, talent, thinking and knowledge.

2.What are you interested in?
Take a very specific subject.Do not just give ambiguous answers.Let’s say you are interested in soil mechanics or transportation engineering. Select a theme in your interested subject.Preferably choose the topics based on the posts you want to fill.

3.Why Civil Engineering?
Just give your true reason about choosing civil engineering.It is to see how much effort you have made in the four years of your life that you have spent in engineering.

Given the fact that most engineering graduates in India are not required because they want to take that engineering course, this commitment shows that you can not always get a project that you are interested in, even if you are interested in it Keep the best.

4.Tell me about your internship / projects / papers
Actually prepare well because you have done internship or project, so you expect to know everything about that topic, on which subject you have done internship or project.

It is a sure fact that everybody can remember that what they have learned during the four years, but you have done the work – you can not forget it.

5.Human Resource Questions
This is a common conversation that you know about your environment, what is the trend in the news, your opinion on some controversial topics. They are meant to see the ideology and personality of a candidate so they can be sure that he is a group player and can fit well in an organization.

.Some famous questions for civil engineers

1. Tell me a different sidewalk?

3. How can we design the shoulder of the road?

4. What does M25 mean?

5. What is the mix of ratio of M25?

6. Draw stress-stress curve for concrete and steel?

7. What is the DCPT (dynamic cone entrance test)?

8. What are the different types of foundation?

9. What is the thumb rule of stirring count?

10. What is the effective load?

.Some conceptual questions for interview:-

1. Why are building constraints kept?

2. What is FSI and why it is needed?

3. Who is your role model and why?

4. Why reinforcement is provided in the top layer of the slab?

5. What is a tender and what is included in the tender document?

6. How do you design a sedimentation tank?

7. What is the average amount of supply per person per day?

8. How do you clean waste water (general methods and their explanation)?

9. What is residual chlorine? How is this necessary?

10. Various codes for earthquake design of structures.

11. What is Green Concrete?

12. What is the importance of green concrete, how do we prepare it?

13. What is the difference between green concrete and conventional concrete? The structure of green concrete?

14. What is the green building?

15. Is there any connection between green solid and green building? (Do we build a green building with green concrete).

16. What are the benefits of green concrete?

18. Why do we use IS 13920?

19. Different tests on the soil

20. How can we get the power of soil

21. Explain the test of interpretation? Why do we enter entrance exams?

22. Will you do our company as a civil engineer to build / build a city?

23. What is the floor space index?

24. Importance of Floor Space Index?

25. What is the open space?

26. Range of land coverage? Category of FSI?

27. Why do we provide open space (side margin, front margin) around the building?

28. Suppose FSI = 2, what is the number of floors? (Without ground coverage, we can not decide the floor floor with FSI only, so just ask how much ground coverage should be required).

.Highlighted questions for civil engineering interview:-

1. Explain the steps involved in the concreting process.

2. What are the different types of foundation?

3. What are the reasons for the collapse of the building?

4. Summarize the various methods of solid treatment.

5. What do you think by MM Concrete?

6. What is the water-cement ratio and how is it related to the power of the concrete?

7. Is bleeding, isolation, concrete bee?

8. How to increase the soil bearing capacity?

9. How to calculate the unit weight of steel bars?

10. Why is a strong recession test done?

11. What are the different recession test signs?

12. What is the ratio of solid to use in slabs, beams, columns?

13. What is the difference between pre-stress and stress?

14. Contractual strength of contract in PSI 28 days?

15. What are the functions of a column in a building?

16. What is the average density of soil?

17. Why shear reinforcement is provided?

18. Why is concrete cube test done?

19. What are the weight of 16 mm, 12 mm, 20 mm, 25 mm, 8 mm diameter Bars.

20. Which solid solid rod or hollow steel pipe?

21. How do you make a 25-story building with a pillar?

22. What do you know about the tender? Discuss various types of tenders

23. What is the bending moment (BM) and the Shear Force (SF) – Explain

24. Explain the steps involved in the converging process.

25. What is the minimum treatment period?

26. What is an effect of soil?

27. Why do we provide steel in solid form?

28. How can the cracks in the concrete save?

29. Types of DPC and its thickness are used?

30. R.C.C. But what are the advantages of prressee concrete?

31. Define Slendence Ratios. What is the effect of the Compression Member’s design?

32. Difference between light steel and HISD bar?

33. 80/100 What do you think by bitumen?

34. What is the Differential Settlement?

35. What are 53 in 53-grade cement?

36. Types of loads on the structure?

37.Will Water Damage Solid?

38. What is the L / D ratio of cantilever beam?

39. What is camber?

40. What is batching? The difference between quantity and weight batching?

41. What is the benchmark? Name different types

42. Types of synthesis?

43. Define the modulus of elasticity.

44. What are the chemical compositions of cement?

45. What is the creep and shrinking of concrete

46. ​​When is the possibility of isolation of concrete?

47. Finishing the formwork according to minimum IS 456 (Separation)

48. What is the gravitational flux?

49. How is a theodolite used?

50. What is baking or cripple weight?

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