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Environment and Ecology for IAS:-PDF Notes and Tips


Hello civil service aspirants, First of all, I would like to welcome all of you in “Premam World”. Here, We are going to talking about strategy and books for environment and ecology section for IAS.This is the most important topic for civil service examination.Many students do not study this portion in a good way and many of them neglect this one.

We are also sharing our handwritten notes of environment and ecology at the last of this article.This would be helpful for revision or study purpose.

If we analyse the number of questions asked in UPSC exam, then it is between 18 to 28 in the previous examination(Just analyse previous years questions). This means that 20 to 25% of the questions are likely to come from this topic.And do not forget about its importance. In GS-I and GS-III papers of mains exam, these portions play a vital role.

First of all, we should know why it is important. Because it is directly related to the existence of the wildlife, biodiversity and more specifically humanity. And the vulnerability of the planet is increasing every day.Because human science (human cause) passes every day due to global warming, climate change and pollution.

Therefore, of course, a well-wisher candidate is expected that recent developments in the areas of basic concepts and environment and biodiversity conservation, such as the Paris Climate Agreement, the United Nations Convention on Sustainable Development, Green Energy Mission and India Target, index etc.

.Book list for environment and ecology for IAS –

1.NCERT:-This is important to cover Class XII Biology – Last 4 Lesson.
2.Shankar IAS Book on the environment – Most of the toppers suggest this book for this section.Try to read more information overload, basic concepts and the fundamental aspects of the environment.

Environment and Ecology book by Majid Hussain is also a good option for studying this section.
3.International and national issues:-We all know that newspaper is a good source for current affairs.So, The Hindu Newspaper and some Magazines are useful for studying.

Do not read many number of resources for one subject.Be focused on the limited number of resources and books that you have.

4.You can study

NCERT Geography – from Class VI to Class X
NCERT Science – Class VII to X
NCERT Economy – STD XI
NCERT Biology – 12th Class
NCERT chemistry – 12th standard

5.Notes from NIOS
ICSE Books – Class X and XI
6.Online sources:-Mrunal.org, Unacademy and other sites and youtube channels for video lectures.
7.India Year Book is good for latest information about environment and ecology.
8.Orient Blackson School Atlas:- For finding places of different animals.
9.Hindu official website:-Online source for current news and information.

10.Environmental Studies for Undergraduate Course by Eric Bharucha:-If you have time, then only go for this.
11.Down to earth magazine
12.Science reporter
13.Economic Survey of India
Ministry of Environment’s official website: http://envfor.nic.in

Dedicate your time in the above study material. But to improve the chances of breaking the IAS test 2018 or 2019 or 2020, you have to give these chapters and books a strategic place in the time of your daily study.

.Unique Approach  for IAS Prelims 2018 or 2019 or 2020

After a series of well-defined steps to prepare for the exam, a long way is taken for the IAS pre-2018 or 2019 or 2020, you definitely need a simple plan. There are some awesome steps which every interested person should follow if he wants to improve the ecology, environment, biodiversity and climate change issues.

Step 1: You can start building your basics with NIOS study material, these are available for free on the Internet.

Step 2: Once done with them, you can jump to the NCERT listed above. The only selective chapter relevant to ecology, environment and biodiversity is to read.

Step 3: After completing Steps 1 and 2, see the questions asked before the ecology, environment and biodiversity section of the IAS Preliminary Examination. You must know that there are so many rules and concepts, you are still unaware.

For the interval of that bridge, take any of these books:

Shankar IAS environment
Environmental Studies for Undergraduate Course by Eric Bharucha
P. D. Ecology and Environment by Sharma
We recommend the environment of Shankar IAS for all the readers. This is the closest thing for concrete content on this topic that you will get the IAS preparation. Read it to cover from cover

Step 4: If you are stuck somewhere or need a simple explanation of different conditions, treaties, conferences etc. then it will be done by Mrinal. View on ORG / ANB

In the meantime, as you complete each book step by step, as well as never forget the practice of question papers. You can not scoring as per expectations and some questions may come to you completely as a foreigner, but you should not stop it.

At this level, you should focus on raising questions on the fundamentals of ecology, environment and biodiversity. Should give.

Step 5: After completing the above steps, book India Year for that particular year.

For example, if you want to try CSE, 2018, then you should only take IYB, 2018. This is because the latest version will contain the latest figures and statistics. Read the following chapters from India Ear Book for preparations for IAS Premies 2018.

a.Land and people
c.The atmosphere
d.States and Union Territories
Step 6: Now that you have completed the static and partially dynamic part of ecology, environment and biodiversity, then it is time for you to take India’s latest economic survey and the relevant five year plan document.

Read these chapters on sustainable development, environment from these sources, you get a lot of information from the perspective of the Government of India.

I hope you like this article and get awesome tips from this.

All the best!

Environment and Ecology:- DOWNLOAD PDF

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