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IAS after a backup option of SSC JE/IES

Can I go for the IAS after an SSC JE job?

First of all ,I would like to tell you that you have to decide your career option.

Nothing is impossible.Many examples of candidates are present which show that one can crack many difficult exams by parallel preparation with some more efforts.Like-A.S Pandit,Awadhesh Meena, Surbhi Gautam etc.

Here, I am giving some points which help to decide your career options:-Financial condition,patience,family pressure, confidence, career backup plan, handling stresses during exams preparation, motivation level, self belief ,focus ,devotion to your goal ,hard work etc.

Suggestions which help for making plan for preparation.

  1. IAS Exam is the toughest exam in our country.Maximum students want to crack this exam .But there are more uncertainties in this exam.
  2. SSC JE is also a good exam for engineering students.This is also called mini “IES”. This is conducted by SSC. The difficulty level in this exam is not high.
  3. If you are comfortable with your engineering optional subject ,then go for IAS and IES(ENGINEERING SERVICES EXAM) along with SSC-JE.If you are in college,then prepare for SSC-JE & IES because your knowledge about your engineering branch is fresh and you can do better in this exam.Then go for IAS.If you are not in the college and you are getting more time for preparation and if you have confidence to crack IAS then go for IAS (based on you financial condition, patience ,family pressure, confidence, career backup plan etc)
  4. If you are not going to take your engineering subject in IAS Exam.Then no need to prepare for IES(ESE).Take any humanity subject as optional subject for IAS mains exam .
  5. Along with humanity subject as optional for IAS ,if you want to prepare for SSC JE.Then it is difficult to prepare both the exams.
  6. But, if you are preparing for UPSC/IAS Exam.Then no need to worry about your aptitude (reasoning) and GK & GS for SSC-JE for first tier.Only you have to prepare basics of your engineering subject for SSC- JE.
  7. Just see and analyse the previous year question papers for both the exams.
  8. If you can manage the preparation of both the exams,you can prepare for both.This is very beneficial for your career backup plan.
  9. If you prepare for IAS exam only and if you do not crack this exam.Then you have no any job or career option that time.
  10. If you prepare for both the exams and qualify one suppose SSC-JE.Then you can join as junior engineer and you can prepare for IAS exam along with your job. That preparation for IAS exam will help for next year IAS exam because you studied all the static portion for IAS exam along with your SSC-JE preparation.And one more thing you have experiences for IAS exam and you can prepare better next time.You will have more ideas about UPSC exams.
  11. BLOG FOR EXAMS https://iasbattle.blogspot.com/

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