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Industrial Visit to Idukki Arch Dam from SOE CUSAT


First of all ,I would like to welcome all of you in “Premam World”. Here We are going to share our experiences and information about the Industrial visit of Idukki Arch Dam. We all civilians from 6th semester SOE CUSAT went on this trip on 6th February 2018. The trip was wonderful and memorable.

Let’s come on the trip of Idukki Arch Dam.

Starting of the Trip

Our industrial visit was already prepared by an awesome planning of the students and teachers.Two buses were already booked for our visit.We started our trip that time when there was no sunlight at all.Our first struggle was to wake up at 4 O’Clock in the morning.This is a too hard task for the students except for examination time.

But this was an awesome and inspiring experience for us, personally too good for me.Our buses were running too fast on the road.And we feel the love of the natural air.Really, there is the real beauty in the nature of Kerala which you can feel here.

Breakfast during the Trip

After the trip of more than two hours, we have gone to a hotel for the breakfast.We took tea, Dossa, and other things.In the buses, most of our friends were feeling sleepy.But after the breakfast, they became refreshing.Then we started enjoying the music in the buses.And some people started dance also. Some of the students were enjoying to see the pleasant views of the nature outside the bus.

Near Idukki Arch Dam

You can not visit Idukki dam without permission.For visiting, we had to take permission from Kerala State Electricity Board.For this, we met with the chief engineer.And took the permission by the head of the office, KSEB. Finally, We got the permission for visiting the dam.

Restrictions for visiting

1.You can not take your camera and mobile phones for the photography.

You can see the arch dam from the entry point.We were enjoying the fast-moving natural air here. We had taken umbrellas, towel and cap etc for the safety from the sun.
After travelling 2-3 km, we reached the Idukki Arch Dam.

Information about Idukki Dam

I hope you know something about this dam and why this is unique in India.This dam is a double curvature arch dam and parabolic in shape.It was constructed across Periyar river between the two mountains Kuravanmala and Kuravathimalain. This is situated in  Idukki district of God owns country (Kerala).
This is the only first arch dam in our country, India and one of the highest dam of Asia.The height of this dam is 168.91 m and this is used for the power generation and irrigation purposes.

The history says that the idea of constructing this dam was purposed by the Italian engineer Jacob.

For more information just visit Wikipedia

You must know Uniqueness of Idukki  Read Reasons

Places near Idukki dam for visiting

1. Lower Periyar hydroelectric station/Project
2.Vagamon: A famous tourist place near Idukki Border
3.Hill View Park
4.Cheruthoni Park
5.Kalavari Mount etc.

At the Idukki Arch Dam

We were trying to understand the construction of the dam and the parts of the arch dam.This is a unique and amazing construction in India.Here the main purpose of giving arch parabolic structure to the dam:-The bending moment at any point of the parabola is zero (studied in the analysis of structures).
We have seen the gates, galleries, abutments and other parts of the dam.We were facing problems for understanding the concept of this dam.

Lunch after visiting Idukki dam

We went and entered the bus and reached near a “POPPENS” Hotel for the lunch.We all became so tired of moving on the dam.We ordered the food. And after some time we finished the lunch.Here we did not get North Indian food here.

At the last of the trip

We also visited “Lower Periyar ” in the evening.And then we returned back to our college buses.Again we enjoyed the dance and music throughout the whole journey of returning.We reached our college before 9 O’Clock in the night.

Advice for the Trip

1.Don’t forget to take umbrella, cap or hat.
2.Make sure that you have some food materials and water.
3.If you have the problem of vomiting during traveling a bus in hilly areas, just take some medicine
s also.
4.If you want, you can take your shoes, it’s safe for you.

5. Take your towel with you also in the mid-noon.

Comment about Idukki Trip

Personally, it was a wonderful experience for me.
And I also suggest you, visit this dam as an Industrial visit with all your classmates from the college.
This is very helpful and effective for the civil engineers, electrical engineers and also for mechanical engineers.

Thanks, SOE CUSAT Civil Department for this memorable trip.
Thanks to all civilians …

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