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Preparation Strategy and Plan of IAS ,IES(ESE) AND IFS(IFo)

Strategy and Plan Ideas for UPSC Exams:-

Yes, an engineering student can prepare for Civil Services and engineering services and forest services .The only thing is to manage all these tough exams in a good way by unique plan and strategy. There are so many students who crack IAS AND IES both.Many candidates also crack IAS and IFS or forest service.Check interview of Awadhesh Meena,Surabhi Gautam ,A S Pandit ,Vaibhawa Srivastava etc.Here some strategy are given for the candidates who are going to appear for all these exams.

Just prepare for civil services with your engineering optional.Then your ese preparation will be done also during IAS preparation with some extra efforts.And if you clear the cutoff for forest service in civil services prelims , then you can take your engineering as one optional and one another optional.

Prepare the another optional like forestry or geology within the gap between IAS mains and Forest services mains exams.

And the most important thing is that most of the GS syllabus is common with all three exams.

So,preparation for GS is sufficient for all and same also.

Here some tips are given for all the exams ,just read and make your best plan and strategy.

Tips for Forest Service:-

IFS is a three-stage exam wherein first stage is UPSC Preliminary Exam common to both CSE and IFS. It is in fact the biggest hurdle to cross as the cutoff is 15-20 marks higher than UPSC CSE. So prepare for Prelims on a war-footing for now till June 18. Here is sharing my strategy and plan for the same.

Next comes Mains comprising six written subjective papers. Here competition traditionally has been lower than CSE and comparatively easier to crack, assuming your preparation of two optional subjects is good. But since this year IFS mains is in December after CSE , so be prepared to have a possibly tougher competition.

Mains Plan:

For General Knowledge paper, ensure it is completed side-by-side with CSE. Make sure you go through the last 5 year question papers to get an understanding of the type of questions asked. It is a good mix of static and topical issues usually. Science and technology + climate change/ environmental issues questions like GM crops should be focused upon as well, in addition to History/Geography/Economy/Polity. Vision Monthly Booklets are recommended for current affairs part.

Regarding the two science(or engineering) optionals, go through the syllabus of your shortlisted subjects and then decide basis material and guidance available and your graduation background. I chose Chemistry (my UG) and Forestry (interesting, minimal source and easy to revise ). For forestry, making short notes on important topics really helped for last minute revisions + use of internet for current topics. Agriculture, Geology, Botany etc. are other commonly chosen optional subjects among candidates.

Also , please do not ignore English. Note that it carries 300 marks vs 200 of one optional paper. Your score in grammar section (50 marks weightage) especially can be a make or break . So spend a couple of days on past papers and refreshing basic essay/report writing/grammar rules. Wren & Martin is a reliable source.

Finally viz UPSC Interview stage called the “Personality Test”, you might be aware how the Board likes to spring surprises in addition to questions from your DAF (Detailed Application Form) and current affairs ( Interview experience here). So it is best to put on a conscious effort to evolve into a well-rounded , balanced personality throughout your preparation, as it surely cant be a one-week effort .

Tips for IES or ESE:-

As you are starting from zero I suggest you the possible way of starting the preparation

Step 1 Study Material.

First and most thing is that study material. As you are already pursuing your B- tech I assume that you already have standard textbooks. So I suggest you that start reading from that books only.

Step 2. Setting of Targets

For achieving big things you have to set small-small goals and you have to work towards them . Like fixed the no of days for a particular subjects and you have to finished that subject in that time period only because you already running behind the time so no relaxation allowed always keep this in your mind.

Step 3. Strategy for Studying

1.) IES exam comprises of both Objective and Conventional Papers so in beginning please don’t target only on objective papers because subjective questions help you in understanding the subject in better way and it also help in solving objective questions.

2.) After finishing each subjects start solving its last 15 year objective questions and solve atleast 40–50% Subjective questions of last 15 years.

3.) Just like you have to set target that by 10–15 December you complete all the subjects .

4.) For paper 1 you have to simultaneously read current affair magazine of particular month, I suggest you don’t waste time in reading newspapers because current affair magazine of vajiram and ravi (online available) is enough, newspaper consume too much time and things that we want is also not get easily in newspapers. I also advice you purchase one book for paper 1 either from Made-easy or fom IES-mster it contain all the miscellaneous topics that asked in paper 1. keep reading this books simultaneously while preparing for technical portion.

Step 4. Test Series

Join the objective test series (Available online) by the November end and start giving test in December, I suggest you please give atleast 2–3 Full length test and one more thing I like to tell you is that please don’t be demotivate if you get less marks in test. It happens with everyone only thing that you have to do is to analyse your test start preparing your weak points. For conventional papers also I suggest you join test series in month of march and start giving test this tests give you actual feel of exam and helps in making strategy for attending actual exams .

So In the end start preparing for IES 2018 you have enough time and you can easily crack this exam . Only thing that you have to do is strictly follow your study plan be stick with it in any situations . If you need any other Suggestions feel free to ask I love to help future IES aspirants .



Tips for IAS:-

First of all ,I would like to welcome all of you in “Premam World”.Here We are going to discuss about clearing civil services examination in first attempt.Here,we are also talking about tips to make ias possible.Clearing Civil services in 1st attempt most of the time considered as myth. This examination are tried by many ambitious aspirants in order to be civil servants in the nation. It includes three levels first is prelims and 2nd one is mains and the ultimate level is personality test also known as interview by the UPSC members. So there are dire need to prepare each level devotedly in order to crack this examination in your first attempt. Now some points are given below that you need to do before appearing in this examination.

And I would like to say you that first be familiar with UPSC exam.


Go through the whole syllabus of IAS exam I mean civil services exam.Understand its entire syllabus and pattern. In preliminary stage UPSC ask objective type questions on the contrary descriptive questions covered in mains. So you should keep in mind that there is no need to go too much in detail for the prelims.


It is very important to analyse the question papers of the civil services examination.it helps you to understand the idea of the exam.And you can also understand better the mindset of the question setter.If you are not clear with syllabus and pattern then you should go through with previous year papers.


Just analyse yourself.Understand your areas of interest, your uniqueness,your weakest points, and your strength etc..Compare your depth of knowledge and skills etc. of general studies, languages, CSAT, and your optional papers etc.Don’t follow IAS toppers blindly as every aspirants have their own strategy so you have to select as per your own convenience after various analysis.


It is advised for every students to make http://timetable.By making time table,we can save our time.And it is useful for complete the syllabus in the definite time.Make a realistic timetable for your yourself considering your capacity to study and follow it strictly. Once you have decided on the amount of time you will put in everyday and what topics you will cover when, make sure you follow it religiously and you shall step closer to cracking IAS in the first attempt itself.


You should have all the required materials for the exam preparation.Collect these books/study materials from shops, seniors or from any source like internet.Follow online and offline modes for your preparation.Just see the lecture videos on Youtube for some portions which you require to improve your knowledge and concept.We will write one article about book selection for this exam.Start your preparation with basic books,and further follow standard books for both optional subjects. Build your basic concepts,make your foundation strong then survey your preparation with mock test or previous year question papers solving.Then boost up your preparation, improve your mistakes and writing skills for essay, languages and GS and optional.


We all know that current affairs is one of the main section of the exam.Many questions are asked from these http://portions.So, Newspapers are something that you should not ignore since if there’s an aspirant who got selected then 90% of role in his/her selection is newspaper. Newspaper Readings’ acts as an integral part in your entire preparation process. Most of the time many questions are directly asked from the newspapers. Therefore a good newspaper is necessary to generate that sort of analytical thinking and knowledge. Read good newspapers to make yourselves familiar with current affairs. The Hindu and The Indian Express are http://recommended.It is also useful for our interview to make IAS possible/crack civil services.We can also improve our writing skills and knowledge through http://this.So,it is very important for every aspirants.


As we talked about newspapers reading.Therefore, we can improve our writing skills through newspapers.And you all know that civil services mains examination is descriptive type.The marks are given according to your presentation of the answer and writing skills.Writing skills are prerequisite thing that one should need to have otherwise you’ll not able to crack its mains. No matter how knowledge you have, how hard you studied before the exams if you can not express your knowledge within the allocated time in your answer sheet then you’ll ultimately out of the race. Consequently, developing an excellent writing skills will lead you towards your desired success. Start practicing on essay for various topics which you like to write or write over the topics which came in past year papers. Analyse yourself before UPSC analyse you.


You have heard the sentence of the toppers “It is better to read one book ten times rather then reading ten books one time”. Hence your study material should be limited so that you won’t be confused that what to study or what not. Buy only those books which you think that is better for you stick to them. Don’t divert your mind with various books that every topper suggest. Hence, Stop using multiple sources for one section/topic/subject.But, if you don’t understand the specific topic, then you can follow multiple sources.And be clear about your concept.


Consistency is very important for this exam to crack in first time.You have to be more consistent and study regularly with revision.


As we already know that without revision we can not remember the vast portions of the http://syllabus.So, just revise all the syllabus on the regular basis.You can revise weekly/monthly.


Make sure you solve enough number of mock papers for both Prelims and Mains; this is a must before you step into the UPSC exam for your first attempt. It will helps you in knowing how much time you have to spend on each question and daily evaluations will help you keep a track of your progress and help you keep yourself motivated.Solve mock papers as much as you can for checking your preparation.You can join test series of good coaching online/offline.


First and foremost thing is maintaining a good health during the course is an essential prerequisite to excel in these exams. Late night studies can disturb your study flow. Although late night studies are also inevitable. Therefore, following a healthy, regular diet and regular sleep is the top most priority for an CSE aspirant. It is your first attempt, don’t let the nervousness bring you down.



.Be motivated n inspired throughout your preparation journey.

.Think and behave like an IAS officer.

Then you will be definitely an IAS officer from an IAS aspirant.

Remember always:-To crack IAS is not impossible.

The word impossible itself says that I am possible.

Then make it possible !!

Best of luck…

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