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Indian Art and Culture for IAS-PDF Notes


First of all ,I would like to welcome all of you in “Premam World”.Here We are going to discuss about Indian Art and Culture for IAS preparation.I hope you have some ideas about art and culture of India.This is a very important subject for IAS exam.And, so many questions are asked from this portion.We are also sharing our awesome short notes either for your revision purpose or study purpose.You can download the notes given at the last of the article.

Introduction of Indian Art and Culture

As we know that India is a diverse country.Our country is considered as a symbol of the multiplicity or diversity of the culture.India contains a huge collection of music, dance, songs, performing arts, writings, paintings, rituals etc.And our art and culture is very famous in the world.Art and Culture both are linked with each other.But, there is the difference between them.So, we have to understand these things in a better way.

Difference between Art and Culture

We can define the art as the products of the activities implemented by humans.In addition to this, a various range of activities done by the humans are also included in it.
We can divide the arts into various forms like visual art, performing art etc.And these are also categorized into different parts.For example, painting and photography come
under the visual arts.And music, dance, film etc come under performing arts.Art is a medium for expressing our experiences, emotions, and other things.

The culture can be defined as a manner in which the people live their life and they represent themselves in this manner.The culture is related to the social forms, their beliefs and their other phenomena.The culture of any place influences the art of that place.I hope the difference between these two is clear to you.This categorization is simple based on how they are performed.

Let’s start to know more about the arts and culture of India.

Various forms of Indian art:-

Arts can be divided in three groups:-

1.Visual Arts :-It contains architecture, sculpture, pottery, painting etc.

2.Performing Arts:-It contains music,dance forms, theatre and drama, puppetry, circus etc.

3.Miscelleneous  Arts

Various forms of Indian Culture:-










10.Mathematics and Science

11.Handicrafts coinage


13.Astronomy etc…

Indian Classical Dance

The classical dance of India is inspired by Braham(Natyashastra of Bharatmuni).

There are eight classical dance of India.

1.Bharatnatyam:- This is the oldest dance form.This is the dance form of Tamilnadu.And Carnatic music is used for this.

2.Kuchupudi:-This is the dance form of Andhrapradesh.And this originally performed by a group of actors going from village to village.Carnatic music is used in this dance form.

3.Kathakali:- This is the dance form of Kerala.This is originated in the temples of Kerala.Sopan music is used in this dance form.

4.Mohiniattam:- It is also a dance form of Kerala.This is patronized by Travancore rulers.Carnatic music is used in this dance form.

5.Odissi:- This is the dance form of Odisha.It is originated in Mahari system and patronized by Jian King.Hindustani music is used.

6.Manipuri:-It is the dance form of Manipur.This is originated by celestic dance of Shiva and Parvati. Local Manipur music is used in this dance form.

7.Katahak:- This is the dance form of Uttarpradesh. The origin of this dance is Brajbhoomi. Dhrupad music is used in this dance form.

8.Sattriya:- This is the dance form of Assam.This is introduced by Vaishnav saint.This is focused on devotional aspect.

Indian Classical Music

1.Hindustani Music:- North Indian Music

a.Dhrupad Music

b.Khayal Music

c.Dhamar Music

d.Thumri Music

e.Tarana Music

f.Tappa Music

g.Dadra Music

2.Carnatic Musuic:-South Indian Music

The composer and singer of this music is Purandara Dasa.

Kriti and Kritani are the two types of this music.

Religion of India

1.Buddhism:- Gautam Budha prached the ideology of this religion.

2.Jainism:- This is established by Mahavir.

3.Hinduism:-One of the biggest religion.

4.Sikhism:-Gurunanak established this religion.

5.Islam:- This is established by Mohammed.

Indian Painting

1.Prehistoric Painting



Indian Architecture

1.Mauryan Architecture

2.Mughal Architecture

3.Indo-Islamic Architecture

4.Regional Architecture etc.


Fore more topics like painting, language, literature, circus, philosophy etc of Indian Art and Culture.

just download the pdf and read.







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