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Recommended Books for IAS Prelims and Mains Exam


Hell IAS aspirants as well as learners, First of all I would like to welcome all of you in “Premam World”.Here We are going to discuss about the recommended books for IAS prelims and mains Exam.Study limited number of books.Here we are providing a lot of names of the books, but you have to choose the best book for you.I’ll be suggesting you books that you can prepare if you start with a moderate amount of time in hand (about 5–6 months). And some of the books you can refer in the crunch time. Also in the end I’ll be suggesting you reliable and effective online courses that you can opt for if you have about say (2–3 months) in hand or prefer studying online over books. Okay, so here’s the list of books first:-


We all know about the importance of NCERT books in this exam.The basic concepts of different segments of General Studies are derived from NCERT books, as mentioned below:

  1. General Science:Read 6th to 10th Standard, and some specific portions of 11th and 12th.
  2. History:Read 11th and 12th Standards are must for the preparation.And 6th to 12th are for clearing basic concepts.
  3. Geography: 6th to 12th NCERT geography books are mandatory.This is suggested by all toppers and experts.
  4. Economics: 11th and 12th Standards are the best books for economic section.You can study 9th and 10th also.
  5. Art & Culture: 11th standard books for fine and arts.
  6. Polity:Just study 6th to 12th one time for building basic concepts.And go for polity book written by M.Luxmikant.

Best Books for IAS prelims exam

1.For Indian polity, Go for polity book written by M.Luxmikant.This is considered as the bible of the polity section.

2.For Indian economy, you should go for book Indian economy written by Ramesh Singh.This book contains more pages, but gives more knowledge and clear concepts.You can study Sanjeev Verma book also.

3.For geography, just go for NCERT, Physical geography by G.C.Leong.You can study the book written by Majid Hussain. Atlas is important.

4.For history, go for old NCERT, freedom struggle by Bipin Chandra,Modern India by Rajiv Ahir.

5.For art and culture,read Tamilnadu board books, book written by Nitin Singhania sir.

6.For environment, just study Shankar IAS notes, book written by Majid Hussain.

7.For General science, always study “The Hindu” newspaper.Science reporter and other magazines are also recommended.

8.For current affairs,read newspaper everyday and make notes of the national and international news.

Recommended Books for IAS mains exam


Indian Heritage & Culture

  1. Gazetteer of India – Volume II
  2. L. Basham: The wonder that was India
  3. Art and culture by Nitin Singhania sir

Modern Indian History & Post Independent India

  1. NCERT: Modern India
  2. Bipan Chandra: India’s Struggle for Independence
  3. Bipan Chandra-Post Independence India
  4. Sumit Sarkar-Modern India
  5. Gazetteer of India- Volume II

World History

  1. World history by Norman Lowe or Arjun Dev
  2. NCERT: Contemporary World History
  3. L. Mukherji: A History of the World


1.NCERT books on Indian and world Geography

2.Physical Geography : Savindra Singh

3.Geography by Majid Hussain.


Governance, Constitution & Polity

  1. D.D. Basu: Indian Constitution.
  2. P.M. Bakshi: Indian Constitution
  3. S.C. Kashyap: Citizens and the Constitution (Publications Division)
  4. Indian polity and governance by M.Luxmikant is best.

International Relations

  1. Rajiv Sikri: Challenge and Strategy- Understanding India’s foreign policy
  2. C. Rajamohan: Crossing the Rubicon
  3. NCERT : Contemporary World Politics (12th Standard)
  4. International relations book written by Puspesh Pant is a good option.


Science & Technology

  1. India Yearbook: Better for preparation of Science and Technology
  2. Annual Reports of the department of Space, Atomic Energy, Ministry of Environment etc
  3. The Hindu newspaper is the best option for this portion.

Indian Economy

  1. NCERT: India’s Economic Development
  2. Indian economy By Ramesh Singh
  3. Economics book by Sanjeev Verma
  4. You can study Datta and Sundaram book for economy, if you have more time.


1.Ethics, integrity and aptitude by Lexicon publication is the best book for this section.

2.Google is also a good option for preparing this portion.

IAS Personality Interview

You can read toppers’ interview on google.If you want to prepare seriously, go for books written for interview purposes by IAS, IPS.

Just join interview mock tests for preparing interview.

Good Online sites and sources for IAS exam preparation

Insightsonindia.com – For Answer writing practice.

unacademy.com -This is a better platform for IAS aspirants.Awesome video lectures are uploaded by educators.

VisionIas – For Current Affairs downloading, Test series, Toppers Booklet.

IASbaba – For test series of  Prelims programme (solve all these questions).

PIB – mandatory one must watch (download app and visit every night before sleeping and scroll through the important revenue releases and took screen short of important release that may come in prelims..

PRS india for mains preperation – the bill tracking, committee report like swaminathan, different committee report related to education, for health care, for women, all the committee report to note down and also the bill summary.

IDSA – used for different defense and security related topics

All India Radio – AIR news and spotlight discussion for each topic at 9 – 9:30 P.M. daily.

MRUNAL.ORG – Exhaustive in Economics, Geography, History – pratik naiyak sir.

Xaam.in – Arepository where all pdf one can download from.

YOUTUBE Channels – Crash Course that she follow regularly. History with Mr. Green – World History material – wars, Industrial revolution in very good manner, quite interactive and accurate.

Gk Today – for study random things which are not clear after studying books.For current affairs also.

PREMam WORLD-For guidance, tips and study materials, visit our site.We are always here for you.

Our Advice and Support for you-

Be motivated n inspired throughout your preparation journey.
.Think and behave like an IAS officer.
Then you will be definitely an IAS officer from an IAS aspirant.
Remember always:-To crack IAS is not impossible.
The word impossible itself says that I am possible.
Then make it possible !!
Best of luck…

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All the Best!

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