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Start Up in College-Start Up Cell SOE CUSAT

start up in soe cusat

Hello cusatians,welcome to PREMma World.A start up cell has been formed in SOE,CUSAT.Now,you can start your own enterprises and turn your dream and ideas into reality.You know that Entrepreneurship is recognized as an important driver of economic development of the country rapidly. Even Government has recognized the importance of entrepreneurship and has started programs such as “Make in India” and “Start-Up India”.

SOE Start Up Cell:-

Start up cell of School of Engineering, CUSAT aims to develop and strengthen entrepreneurial qualities in emerging professionals who are interested in starting their own enterprises. The college provides basic facilities and technical support to innovative students to change new products and services to improve society.

Therefore, a Start Up cell was formed with a dedicated team of faculty working actively in the college, in which there is an awesome idea presentation with some student representatives. Entrepreneurs of interested engineers have been prepared with the necessary information about being a successful entrepreneur through workshops and seminars by eminent people from industry.We encourage students to take necessary training in entrepreneurship skills through standardized courses, to consider self-employment as a career option. To train and inspire students on entrepreneurship, Cell will organize various activities and events from time to time.


The main vision of this start up cell is to encourage individual ability and creativity.The start up cell wants to convert the students’ innovative ideas into reality.The cell provides the support for implementing the new ideas in the society.


To become a leader in making entrepreneurs capable and facilitating.To support the sparks of emerging entrepreneurs and establishing the soul and energy of young students through continuous guidance and consultation through various programs and schemes, and integrity and stability.


1.They want to create an entrepreneurial environment in the campus.

2.They always promote the students’ innovative ideas.

3.They give supports to the students for implementing their ideas.

4.The cell provides training for the entrepreneurs.

5.They provide the facilities for transforming the creative and innovative ideas into reality.

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