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Swachhagraha-Just one more step towards cleanliness


Swachhagraha means a request to the people for cleanliness.This is inspired by the biggest mass movement – ‘Satyagraha’ has changed the destiny of the country. To develop Indian mind, dignity and self esteem, Satyagraha took action by winning the hearts of people with great patience and perseverance. It was the freedom movement for the people and people for the people. Mahatma Gandhi, who had imagined Satyagraha, had a strong belief of the importance of cleanliness of life and cleanliness of day to day life. He once said, “If we do not keep our backyard clean then our Swaraj will be smelly.”


Like Satyagraha, cleanliness is aimed at attracting people and making changes in scale similar to the movement of India’s freedom, where people are involved in taking action for ‘creating a culture of hygiene’. Alignment with Swachh Bharat Mission (SBM) announced by our Honorable Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi, killing our universal litterabug and changing the face of the nation ahead of 2019 and is forever.

Since people do not display the values ​​of ownership and liability in their environment, we will try to develop these values ​​through awareness and sensitization programs.

Why Swachhagraha:-

Indians are clean but India is dirty.
Run back and compare all the existing civilizations; Indians will stand ahead on cleanliness.
The  history of civilization shows that the people of Indus were first to invent and use sanitary methods.
Although we still talk of our house, but when we get out of our house, then it continues to be clean, cleanliness does not strain in our behavior and attitude.
So the problem is:

Indians have never privatized public hygiene
Unlike other citizens, public hygiene for us is not counted in our original approach and behavior.
Here is not to teach cleanliness or to complete the project
It has happened through our generation to our future generations to become a “culture”.


Once people are sensitised, it becomes necessary to guide them about how to manage different kinds of wastes and treat them appropriately. Hence we will conduct knowledge sessions to impart knowledge to people on appropriate waste management approaches.

In order measure the success and impact of our efforts in terms of creating culture of cleanliness, we will devise an ‘impact measurement mechanism’ to monitor changes in people’s behaviour pre and post engagement with “Swachhagraha movement”.


This movement “Swachhagraha” inspires one of the largest movement – Satyagraha which generates action by winning with great patience and firmness on the hearts of the people, through the creation of Indian mind, dignity and self esteem. The objective of this project is to include people and change the scale of scale for the movement of India’s freedom, where people get involved in taking action for ‘Creating a culture of hygiene’.

Cleanliness youth is about promoting citizen consciousness among young people through young leaders.

“If we make it a public movement,
We can count your country
As one of the cleanest nations. ”

Mr. Narendra Modi
Honorable Prime Minister of India.

Champaran Swachhagraha:-

Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi inaugurated an exhibition called “Swaroop-Bapu to Karyanjali – One Campaign, One Practice” in the national capital yesterday as a symbol of 100 years of Mahatma Gandhi’s satyagraha before experimentation. He will also launch ‘Online Interactive Quiz’ on this event which is being organized by the National Archives of India.

Watch video of Swachhagraha-https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0B-utDZ5O5c

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